PART 2 - Expenses and Property

Now that you have an idea of your income and savings, it’s time to look at your expenses and what property type you are after:

• What are your living expenses?
• How many children/dependents do you have?
• Are you single/in a relationship?
• How much do you spend on entertainment, going out and clothes?
• How much debt do you have?
• Where is the property located, what type of property and size? Does it back onto a train line or high voltage power lines? Is it regional or in a township of less than 10,000 people?
• Will you borrow under 80%, between 80-90% or over 90% (as different rules apply)?
• Will the property be owner occupied or an investment?
• If it’s an investment property, what is the weekly rental amount you expect?
• What is the condition of the property? Is the property liveable?

As you can see there is quite a bit to cover. Homefree Mortgages can assist with a full assessment and answer your question on “how much can I borrow”?

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